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        Anti Drone UAV Signal Blocker

        An TEXIN anti drone UAV signal blocker, also known as a drone jammer or UAV jammer, is a device designed to disrupt or block the signals between a drone and its operator. It is used as a countermeasure against unauthorized or potentially malicious drone activities in certain areas or sensitive locations.

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        Product Description

        TX-BF05 Man pack anti drone signal blocker will disrupt the drone by its transmission, including the WIFI2.4G, WIFI5.8G, also the GNSS, GPS, GLONASS, or other customized signal within the effective range over 1500 meter radius. Te Xin develops this anti drone signal blocker by forcing the drone return home or land immediately in 3-5 seconds. Our factory will totally improve the drone jamming product by the customer feedback and real reflection from end customers.

        Here are some key features and considerations regarding anti-drone UAV signal blockers:

        Signal Disruption: Anti-drone signal blockers work by emitting radio frequency (RF) signals in the same frequency range used by drones for communication and control. These signals interfere with the drone's signals, disrupting its ability to receive commands or transmit data back to its operator.

        Frequency Range: Anti-drone signal blockers are typically designed to target specific frequency ranges commonly used by consumer drones. This includes both the control and video transmission frequencies. Different models may cover different frequency ranges, so it's important to select a device that matches the specific drones you are targeting.

        Range and Power Output: The effective range of an anti-drone signal blocker depends on its power output and the specific environmental conditions. Higher power output generally allows for a longer effective range in disrupting drone signals. However, it's important to consider legal restrictions and regulations regarding signal jamming devices in your jurisdiction.

        Selective Targeting: Some advanced anti-drone systems have the ability to selectively disrupt drones while minimizing interference with other nearby RF devices. This is important to prevent unintended disruptions to legitimate communications and ensure the safety of other critical systems operating in the area.

        Legal Considerations: The use of anti-drone UAV signal blockers is subject to legal regulations in many countries. It is important to comply with applicable laws and obtain proper authorization before using such devices. Unauthorized use of signal blockers may be illegal and can have legal consequences.

        It's worth noting that anti-drone UAV signal blockers are typically used by authorized personnel in specific situations, such as securing sensitive areas, preventing unauthorized surveillance, or protecting public safety. If you have a legitimate need for an anti-drone solution, it is advisable to consult with relevant authorities or security professionals to ensure compliance with legal requirements and proper use of the technology.

        Anti Drone Signal Blocker Specification


        Man packAnti droneSignal blocker




        5 to 7 Channel

        Output Power

        Over 300W

        Working frequency




        1000~1500 meter, depends on real environment


        type A: OMNI directional Fiberglass Antennas
        type B: directional Panel Antennas

        Transimit power


        Control mode

        landing or expelling

        Battery Endurance


        Net Weight

        15.8KG, Packing Weight:20kg

        Product Size

        488 x 369x 147mm

        Quality Warranty

        12 Months

        Anti Drone Signal Blocker Advantage

        *Anti drone man pack signal blocker

        *Over7 Band Customized

        * Built-in Battery that work 1-2 hour operating

        * Man-pack Raining proof case

        * AC charge interface

        *Remote control:Single channel Switch on/offwith remote control

        Anti Drone Signal Blocker Packing list

        > Man pack signal blocker

        > Optional Antenna: directional panel antenna or OMNI directional antenna

        > AC charger *1piece

        Anti Drone UAV Signal Blocker

        Anti Drone UAV Signal Blocker

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