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        Drone Signal Jammer

        A TEXIN drone signal jammer is a device designed to disrupt the communication between a drone and its remote control. It emits radio frequency signals that interfere with the control signals sent between the drone and its operator, effectively disabling the drone or forcing it to land.

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        Product Description

        This man pack anti drone device is realized by the RF sweep jamming method with analog RF signal jammer module. It adopts the high gain 15dBi diretional antenna. Customer can directly hold it to target the drone in the sky. It is each channel 15dBi for each frequency. It is a optional and the anti drone product with directional or omni directional antenna. This anti drone jammer is portable man pack and with 1 to 2 hour rechargeable lithium battery.

        There are different types of drone signal jammers available, ranging from portable handheld devices to larger, more powerful stationary units. The effectiveness of a drone signal jammer depends on its power output and the frequency bands it can disrupt.

        It's important to note that using a drone signal jammer may be subject to legal restrictions in many countries. Jamming drone signals can interfere with legitimate communications and may violate regulations related to radio frequencies and public safety. It's essential to familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations before using or purchasing such a device.

        Additionally, jamming drone signals may not be the most appropriate or safe solution in all situations. Interfering with a drone's control signals can potentially lead to unintended consequences, including loss of control and crashes. It's important to consider other legal and non-disruptive methods of dealing with unwanted drones, such as airspace regulations, physical barriers, or seeking assistance from local authorities or drone detection systems.

        Drone Signal Jammer Specification


        Man packAnti droneSignal Jammer




        5 to 7 Channel

        Output Power

        Over 300W

        Working frequency




        1000~2000 meter, depends on real environment


        type A: Omni directional Fiberglass Antennas
        type B: directional Panel Antennas

        Transimit power


        Control mode

        landing or expelling

        Battery Endurance


        Net Weight

        15.8KG, Packing Weight:20kg

        Product Size

        488 x 369x 147mm

        Quality Warranty

        12 Months

        Drone Signal Jammer advantage

        *Anti drone man pack signal jammer

        * Usually 7 Band Customized

        * Built-in Battery that work 1-2h operating

        * Man-pack Raining proof case

        * AC charge interface

        * Single channel Switch on/offwith remote control

        Drone Signal Jammer packing list

        > Man pack signal jammer

        > Antenna

        > AC charger *1piece

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