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        Portable Handheld Anti Drone Signal Jammer

        A Portable Handheld Anti Drone Signal Jammer is a compact and portable device that is designed to disrupt the signals between a drone and its operator. It is typically operated manually by a user, making it easy to carry and deploy in various situations. However, please note that the use and legality of such devices can vary depending on your location, and it's essential to comply with local laws and regulations.

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        Product Description

        This Portable Handheld Anti Drone Signal Jammer is designed to suppress the UAV navigation, control and data link channels to interrupt with drone functioning in the site airspace.It is widely applied to the secret military base station, police system, patrol system.

        Here are some key features and considerations related to portable handheld anti-drone signal jammers:

        Frequency Range: Drones can operate on different frequencies, including common ones such as 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, and GPS frequencies. When selecting a handheld jammer, ensure that it covers the relevant frequencies used by the drones you are targeting.

        Range and Power: Portable handheld jammers usually have a limited range compared to larger, fixed installations. The effective range can vary depending on the specific device, but it's generally a few hundred meters. Consider the range and power of the jammer to determine its suitability for your intended application.

        Battery Life: Since handheld jammers are powered by batteries, consider the battery life and charging requirements. Ensure that the device has sufficient battery capacity to operate for the desired duration.

        Operation Modes: Some handheld jammers may offer multiple operation modes, allowing you to choose the level of disruption you want to apply. These modes may include selective jamming of specific frequencies or more comprehensive jamming that covers a broader range of frequencies.

        Portability and Ease of Use: Portable handheld jammers are designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to use. They should have a user-friendly interface and ergonomic design, enabling the operator to quickly deploy and operate the device.

        Legality and Regulations: It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the legal restrictions and regulations regarding the use of anti-drone signal jammers in your jurisdiction. Unauthorized or improper use of such devices can lead to legal consequences.

        Always remember to use anti-drone signal jammers responsibly and ethically, with a valid and legal reason, such as protecting sensitive areas, ensuring privacy, or maintaining security. Additionally, stay updated with the advancements in drone technology, as drone manufacturers are continually improving their systems to counter signal jamming and mitigate interference.

        Portable Handheld Anti Drone Signal Jammer Specification

        Model Number


        Jamming Range

        1500-1800 meter,depends on real

        Jamming Frequency

        WIFI2.4G (2 channel)

        WIFI5.8G (2 channel)

        GPSL1 (1 channel)

        Customized Option

        Product Size


        Product Weight

        3.2 kgs

        Out shell Material

        Aluminum Alloy+ABS plastic

        Battery Duration time

        1 to 1.5 Hours

        Work Temperature


        Work Humidity


        Power Consumption


        DC Power

        Rechargeable 24V/10A

        AC Power Input


        Portable Handheld Anti Drone Signal Jammer Advantage

        Force the drone return home or land immediately after target the drone

        Completely application for personal Use

        Light weight and small size

        Robust material with aluminum out shell and military resin

        Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 1 hour lasting

        Portable Handheld Anti Drone Signal Jammer packing list

        > Anti drone signal jammer*1 piece

        > AC charger *1piece

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