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        The Making of a Drone Signal Jammer

        The Making of a Drone Signal Jammer: A drone signal jammer is a device designed to disrupt or disable the radio signals used by drones for communication and control. It emits radio frequency (RF) signals on the same frequency bands as drones, interfering with their ability to receive commands from the pilot or transmit data back to the operator.

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        Product Description

        Introduction of The Making Of A Drone Signal Jammer

        It will transmit the high power jamming signal to force the entering drone out of ground control, to return home or force land. With this UAV drone killer gun signal jammer, the drone can not send the reconnaissance photo and video to the ground anymore; also, the ground will lose control of the drone.

        It's important to note that the use of drone signal jammers is generally illegal in many countries, as it can interfere with authorized communications and potentially disrupt critical services. In most jurisdictions, only authorized entities such as government agencies or law enforcement are allowed to use such devices in specific circumstances.

        Here are a few points to consider regarding drone signal jammers:

        Functionality: Drone signal jammers emit RF signals on specific frequency bands commonly used by drones, aiming to disrupt or disable the drone's communication links. This can prevent the drone from receiving commands, accessing GPS signals, or transmitting data.

        Legal implications: The use of drone signal jammers by individuals or unauthorized entities is illegal in many jurisdictions due to potential interference with legitimate communications, including aviation and public safety systems. It's essential to consult local laws and regulations regarding the use of such devices.

        Safety concerns: Jamming drone signals can pose safety risks, as it may cause drones to lose control and potentially crash. This could lead to property damage, personal injury, or harm to bystanders.

        Alternative methods: There are legal and authorized means to counter rogue or unauthorized drone activity. These methods typically involve the use of drone detection systems, which can identify and track drones, allowing authorities to respond accordingly.

        If you encounter unauthorized drone activity or have concerns about drone security, it's advisable to consult local authorities or relevant professionals who specialize in drone detection and countermeasure solutions. They can provide guidance and assistance in dealing with such situations within the bounds of the law.

        Specificationof The Making Of A Drone Signal Jammer

        Brand: TeXin Model: TX-FQ-01 Type: UAV drone killer gun signal jammer

        Jamming Band

        Working Frequency(MHz)

        Average Output Power













        Jamming Range


        (Frequency Hopping Drone is 500-800 meter)

        Body Size


        Body Weight

        5.5kg (External Battery is 1.14kg)

        Battery Capacity

        24V/5A (External battery can be customized)

        Battery Operation Time

        30-60 Minute

        Working Temperature


        Working Humidity


        Power Consumption


        Power Input


        Power Output

        DC 24V/10A

        Featureof The Making Of A Drone Signal Jammer

        * Reliable The Making Of A Drone Signal Jammer

        * 4 channel customized for effective drone defence

        * Can choose replaceable inside battery or External battery

        * Ultra high output power to ensure long range 1000-2000 meter

        * Easy use no training need

        * Portable size, Durable out shell

        * High gain built in directional antenna

        * Fast ready time

        * Two power supply choice; if standby status it can last 2 weeks,Removable Battery (30-60 minutes),External Battery (60 minutes or More)

        * Low out of band emission

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        1. What kind of product in your production range?

        We produce the phone signal jammer, the WIFI signal jammer, the GPS signal jammer.Drone signal jammer, RF jammer module, Phone Signal booster, WIFI Signal booster, etc.

        2. Are you manufacturer?

        YES, our factory locates in Shen Zhen City, Guang Dong Province, China.Only 1 hour from the airport.

        3. What is your MOQ?

        We offer even 1 pcs customization also accept drop shipping.

        4. What is your payment term?

        *We offer various payment ways including TT, WestUnion, Paypal, Alibaba, Debitcard,Credit Card, Online Bank payment, BOLETO,etc.

        *Usually 50% deposit and 50% balance before shipment, we will show customer the detailsphoto and video to ensure the products are statisfying before delivery.

        5. Is the signal jammer suitable for our country use?

        *Dont worry, even 1pcs, we will customize each jammer according to your country phone signal standard and your other specific need, such as adding Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.

        *We stock the signal jammer outshell, and when customer place order, we will use the specificPCBA boards for customer special need by the customer need.

        6. How about the shipping way?

        Our experienced forwarder can ship via sea or air door to door with safe and cheap shipping channels. Such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX,TNT, etc.

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